Shakespeare in a Year

About 3 pages a day will take you through all of Shakespeare’s plays in a year (Shakespeare in a Year)

Complete Works of Shakespeare

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“The why, the why not, and the what next”:

Georgia Tech scientists and engineers deal in the measurable, the observable, the quantifiable, and the testable. We can tell you what, when, and where, how big, how little, how hot, how cold, how fast, how slow…almost anything that you could express in numbers or other data. But the why, the why not, and the what next–answers to those questions represent the invisible, unpredictable, immeasurable context undergirding the exacting, nitty-gritty work of science. Those perspectives are not science or technology themselves, but they always hover nearby. Our [Literature, Media, and Communication] disciplines equip Georgia Tech students to make the connection.

President Peterson, Humanistic Perspectives in a Technological World 

Oxford College of Emory University